After years of bouncing around some unkept gravel roads in southeast Nebraska, Lee decided it was time that somebody did something about it. So he went to work. In 2007 he laid the framework for the prototype of what would become the RoadRunner in a farm shop. It worked, but he wasn’t satisfied. Years of adjusting, correcting, and improving the design based on feedback he has gotten from countless road caretakers has culminated in the RoadRunner you see today. Over those years, just as the RoadRunner got better, so did the roads. Now, each new RoadRunner is hand cut and fabricated in a welding shop in nearby Clatonia, Nebraska, U.S.A., and delivered throughout the Midwest. Why Jet Plain, you ask? There was only one thing we could name a business like ours. What we sell is fast, solid, and simple. In a world that keeps getting bigger and more complex, sometimes we need to get back to the basics and do more with less. 

Lee Waldo

Founder & CEO

Lets make your ROADS the best with the ROADRUNNER!