RoadRunner Specifications & Operation

Easy to Set-Up

  • Establish primary working depth.

  • Adjust the leveling blade to carry material the depth of the blade.

  • Maintain a speed of 8-20 miles per hour.

Scraper Blades

2- 4′ blades

2- 3′ blades

1- 7′ leveling blade


Operational- 4,460 lbs.


Overall length- 26′

Length of frame- 20′

Width- 9′

The RoadRunner can be pulled by any tractor that has at least one hydraulic remote and 50hp, though 100-150hp is the most ideal for pulling a lot of loose material at fast speeds.

Key Features

The RoadRunner acts like a leveling plane. Not every wheel is needed at all times.

Four angled blades cut to the bottom of washboards and ruts.

The walking tandem wheels allow for smooth travel over rough roads.

Better Roads

No adjustment needed for road intersections.

Let the RoadRunner handle your routine services!

Keep your road grader parked! Use it for major repair, ditch work, and snow removal.